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26 | she/her | neurodivergent

hi, i'm faye aka berryz! a small artist who loves to stream and create content. i'm also a small business owner and sell premades and cute merch in my shop! (feel free to check it out hehe)i have 2 bunnies named hazel & mochi
and 2 horses named bo & bambi ♡

Things I like
୨୧ bunnies
𖧧 nature

16 may 2023

my life has been crazy lately.. so many big changes happening, both bad and good.. or well, maybe i shouldn't call it ''bad'' since i believe everything always happens for a reason. maybe whatever i'm losing is making space for something better? i am taking things slower though, with commissions but also just in general so that i'm able to process everything and focus on the good things in life. i've also been learning who my real friends are because of this.. with some people, i've always felt like they just stuck around because i was doing well, but would disappear during harder times.. and i was right.anyway, some good news..
after not riding horses anymore for years and really missing it, i've decided to buy a second horsey! yes second, because i already have my minipony bo (who i obviously don't ride, he's only 85cm tall hehe). so i'm really excited for that! good things are coming <3

02 april 2023

this is it. my first time ever writing in my new public diary. i honestly don't know where to begin.. there have been so many (negative) thoughts in my mind lately and this usually isn't me. i just feel so let down by society. after going through a long process of trying to get disability allowance i got judged and told to ''just get a job'' because ''i'm too young to be disabled''. even though i'm chronically ill to the point i ended up in the hospital almost dying, i have autism and ptsd and a bunch of other health issues at the young age of 25 already.. people, even doctors, don't seem to believe it's possible for me to be disabled because of my age. it's honestly so exhausting and i'm so tired of having to constantly stand up for myself. the fact that even with my official diagnosis and all my medical documents, i still had to go visit a government doctor to ''make sure i'm actually disabled'' feels so offensive to me.. i cried the whole way home because i'm just so done with everything. even with everything i have going on, i've still tried getting a job which i lost because of being sick too often and i'm trying so hard to get an income through art and video editing commissions, opening a webshop, streaming.. but it's not enough to live off and idk if it ever will be. the future is so scary.. especially since freelance artists rely so much on twitter and other social platforms and we're not sure what's gonna happen with those..i've been feeling so overwhelmed lately, but what happened yesterday just got me to my breaking point. i've also been struggling with commissions and feel like giving up, but i just can't because what other options do i have?i'm just hoping the rainbow after rain will be here soon.

✿ payment through paypal, stripe, ko-fi or vgen
✿ payment needs to be done up front
✿ for commissions >€100 payment can be split
✿ you can use my art for personal use
✿ for commercial use (ex. merch) please contact me
✿ commercial fee is an extra 100% of the base price
✿ please look at my style before commissioning
✿ please don't rush me, dm me for a deadline
✿ rush fee is an extra 100% of the base price
✿ rush comms will be prioritized and done in 1-3 days
✿ i only do pixelart & video commissions
✿ i can deny any requests i'm not comfortable with
✿ i take 1-2 days a week off, mostly during weekends
✿ let me know if you DON'T want me to share your art
✿ do not claim as your own
✿ please credit me for my art
✿ commissions are digital
✿ don't resell my work
✿ no refunds!

last updated: 9 september 2023

to do

€8 each
€5 each for recolours

  • sizes: 72px, 36px & 18px

  • can be used for subs or bits

€8 each
+ €2 for small animations
size: 88x31

€12 each
+ €8 for animations

  • sizes: 112px, 56px & 28px

  • can be used for subs or bits

€30 for unlimited panels

  • only repetitive designs

€15 each
+ €5 for small animations

  • custom tip jar

  • tutorial on how to use included

shorts €10 each

  • or €40 for 5

  • or €70 for 10

raidvideo €35 each

  • up to 1 min in length

longform €60+ each

  • price includes editing for 1-2 hour vods, €30 will be added for every extra hour